Saturday, October 03, 2009

School reunion 2009

20 th September 2009, the day of recollecting the sweet memories.
This year the reunion of Bidhannagar Govt. High School was organised by the 2008 passed out batch.
It is like "fire pawa". The venue was the place which is witness of growing friendship, love and hope. The event name was very appropriate, "return ticket".


This year the main event was with Anjan Dutta, the great singer in Kolkata. The program was fabulous.

He did a different type of show.The root of us,
the young age, the "pawa , na pawa" was the theme of his song which was really appropriate with the reunion programme.

Anjan Dutta

I enjoyed the whole day. The organizers have really done a great job to make us nostalgic.


This year the reunion committee have take a very serious venture to revive the school alumni association.It is a long procedure and we need everybody’s help. We are trying to form a body with at least one representative from each batch. And also we are building a database for all future correspondence and other activities.

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