Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My messLIFE


This is my 2nd home in Durgapur.This belongs to
Mr.K.C. Mitra
s-7, Shramik Mangal,

We the 8 samples share the whole flat.

Soumyadeep Basu: This is our Jamai. The Baba of our mess.

A responsible mess mate. "ektu confused"

Subhajit Bhuinya:

The terror of our mess. Not only our mess, the whole para aware of his "dustumi".
He is my golu golu room mate GABLU.He is from CSE discipline.

Tirthankar De:

Our Tirtho is the topper of our mess. He is form EEE department.

Subhankar Seal:

mojar chele. He is one of my good frnz.He is from my department.
MD. Salamotolla:
Subhra Bhattacharya:

Monday, September 28, 2009

pujo 2009

Parikrama ends on note of hope & happiness

again a end of the Durga puja. No, i don't think it is the end. A new start for the next.
Anyway I am not writing an essay about Durga puja. I just want to share my experience about the durga puja of this year (2009).

As per my point of view, again Maa Durga has reinforced pandal-hopping as the city’s favorite festive activity, one that bridges almost all gaps.

According to the news channels,, the final crowd count this Puja will be “25 to 30 per cent more” than last year’s.

But what drives lakhs of aching feet to the pandals, year after year, come rain or recession?

I think,The four days of Puja make even the most stressed-out person feel free-spirited. The glittering lights radiate a positive energy that is hard to resist.

DAY 1:

On the first day of Durga puja i.e Sashthi, i hopped the north Kolkata's puja pandals.

The evergreen Bagbazar Sarbojonin maintain their tradition for a long time.

The organizers do not worry about the theme. Here tradition comes first and of course it becomes successful in the running theme market.The organizers do not worry about the theme. Here tradition comes first and of course it becomes successful in the running theme market.

Then I went to Kumortuli park, Ahiritola and Beniatola. The roll, fuchka and Ice cream was the another attraction of the eve. The Nalin Sarkar Street, Hatibagan Sarbojonin , Nabin pally was also very innovative in my eyes.

Nalin Sarkar Street

Hatibagan sarbojonin




On Saptami, I was with my school friends (Debasish, Subhadeep, Adhiraj, Deepayan, Nabonita, Jayita, Anindita, Arpan, Abhinaba
and others ) ..

On that day I visited the Karbagan, Yubabrinda, Telengabagan at the morning.

We enjoyed a delightful lunch at the Restaurant "Capri" near Hedua.

After lunch section we went to the central Kolkata.
There we Visit the College square, Santosh Mitra square and Shealdah Athletic.

The speciality of college square is "lighting". Current affairs becomes live in lighting.
Santosh Mitro square always make a replica of a memento.This time they make The Statue of Liberty.

(right to left)

College square , Santosh mitro square, Sealdah athletic


Ashtami was alloted for south Kolkata.

Ekdalia evergreen,

Bosepukur, Mudiali, Tridhara was enlisted in my diary.

Mudiali is the best for me in this year.

Kolkata faced a little rainfall on Ashtami.but that can't redune the energy of the people.

Day 4:

After sparing pandal hoppers on Ashtami, the monsoon all but washed away the Navami festivities as Puja drew to a close. While lakhs across the city tried to hold on to the final moments — Navami is traditionally the day when excitement reaches the peak — a heavy downpour spoiled the mood for some time in the evening. The sudden spell of rain — after an extremely hot and humid day — caught revellers by surprise. Roads were waterlogged, pandals flooded. But when the rain eased up, the pandal hoppers streamed back on to the road. Like the past few years, traffic management was quite admirable this year too. People had to walk a little longer to reach top-draw pandals, but they did not mind it — at least they weren’t stuck in bumperto-bumper jams. Some

wondered whether traffic

movement on Saptami, Ashtami

and Navami was so smooth

because most people had already

started pandal hopping since

Panchami and Shashthi. In reality, it was not divine intervention, but the

result of effective traffic management plan.

The Metro Railway meanwhile,
expected a record number of passengers on Navami — well over 5 lakh. Last year, 4.09 lakh
passengers travelled on Metro on this day. It has already crossed 5 lakh this year — 5.23 lakh people travelled by the Metro on Shashthi,
against 2.13 lakh last year. Even on Saptami, this year’s figure was 3.53 l
kh, against 3.08 lakh last year and on A

Metro carried 4.8 lakh passengers, a whopping one lakh more than last year.

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